GBWhatsApp Pro v7.00 apk Latest Version [ 2020 ]

Version Info

NameGBWhatsApp Pro
Last Updatedjanuary 26, 2020
VariantsWith Emoji and No Emoji
Based on2.19.360


GBWhatsApp Pro v7.00

1.Option to encrypt text
2.Option to make text large
3.Three new shapes for the main screen
4.WAMOD2 Style
5.option to back to Old Emoji
6.WAMOD Style
7.option to names & name in center can Close WhatsApp by drag can set Background to (Main Screen / STATUS Screen / CALLS Screen) can set Animation Effect to: (Main Screen/Chats Screen/STATUS Screen/CALLS Screen/Info Contacts/Lock Screen/All Settings/Popup notifications)
12.Auto Text to Entry (You can set Auto text to Reply 10000 times)
13.Option to hide Auto Text from Entry [PLUS >> Special Settings Hide Auto Text]
14.Privacy Settings in [PLUS >> Privacy]
15.option to Hide name of the contact/Group from tab .. In chat screen ​
16.Conversation Cards (Multi Chats)
17.OLD UI (2014)
18.More Ticks
19.More Bubbles
20.More Notfication icon
21.Option to Change Home Screen Style​ (7 Styles)
22.Option to Change Fonts Style​ (70 fonts) working with fonts atnfas hoak option
23.hide the icon + name of App by choosing the Lancher icon
24.More Features

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